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Sail Away With Me

October 3rd, 2016

Many generations ago, Ha Long Bay was virtually deserted, a few traders or fishermen sailing their brown-sailed junks through its misty waters. The mysterious islands were full of legends but free of footprints, only a few artists or poets taking the trouble to hire a fishing boat and explore the bay, drinking chrysanthemum wine and composing verses about its beauty.

When the French colonized Indochina in the mid 19th century, the stillness of Ha Long’ was torn by metal-hulled steamships owned by French business- men. The first merchant ships traveled between Mong Cai and Ha Long or Ha Long and Hai Phong. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the bay’s spectacular beauty became known to the wider world through postcard’s, many of which now lie in private collections and libraries, or rest in old book shops along the Seine. At the start of the 20th century, only a few merchant ships cruised through Ha Long’s clear waters.

Change came quickly. Willie Ha Long Bay’s caves still contain traces of pre-historical residents, and the sea is as blue, as it was when the continents were formed millions of years ago, the bay is now crisscrossed by all sorts of vessels. The old junks with their faded brown sails, the steamships and the narrow, blue-painted boats have been replaced by hundreds of tour boats. Some of-them resemble four-star hotels, their crews dressed in crisp white uniforms, and their captain’s jackets trimmed with gold. Their names conjure up images of beauty and luxury – Lagoon, Princess, Emeraude -or refer-to the legendary dragon said to have created Ha Long-Red Dragon, Hai Long (Sea Dragon)…

Dragon decorations abound, many wooden junks adorned with dragon-shaped figureheads, their bodies stretching down the-handrails. Inside, these luxurious boats typically feature, antique flourishes such as carved wooden ceilings or old-style furniture. Wooden panels are carved with dragons and clouds, traditional symbols of aristocratic; beauty Guests can lie on the decks and gaze up at the colorful sails, although the Lagoon Explorer is the only boat that can actually operate under wind-power.

Some of the tour boats are built to resemble vessels from days gone by. The recently launched Red Dragon, a joint venture between Indochina Junk and Footprint Travel, was modeled after a junk that once sailed between Singapore and northern China. With its bronze and crystal decorations, intricate woodcarvings and antique-style furnishings, no expense has been spared. Guests on the Emeraude, a recreation of a metal-hulled early 20th century French steamship, can experience another chapter in the bay’s history

No’ doubt, those who made the then rare journey through Ha Long Bay many centuries ago would be amazed by the luxurious craft now plying its waters. What hasn’t changed is the bay’s beauty.

Vinh Long Countryside Tourism

October 3rd, 2016

Not only is the province located in central areas of Cuu Long River Delta, Vinh Long is double major river silt Accretion create a land rich, biodiversity … The vast river, Vinh Long four seasons trees green, fruition. Fruit typical of this rich land is famous Roi pomelo in the country and committed chinaware Tam Binh, Vung Liem nem …

Besides Vinh Long also has many monuments, notable sights such as Van Thanh Temple in Vinh Long, Phuoc Hau pagoda, Binh An Island with a unique festival Ook – om – bok. Thus, the tourism industry here has developed very early. Here, JSC tourism Delta went into operation in 1975. Perhaps this is one of the tourist travel unit formed soon after the type of reunification.

In the province of Vinh Long is 10 tour operators travel with tour attractions such as the first definition Feeling endless potential Mekong Glimpse of blue Cu Lao, Dem rural, village Walking around … Join this tour, guests reverse sweep of the river boat on the hard ghe garden enjoying tourism products typical of the West River country.

Tien Giang River, boats swept back busiest ghe, double ngut thousand trees on the banks of a green. The Western countries quickly down fast, we characterized the old house architecture mixed architecture of Southern France by boat three leaves. The house was built in the early 20th century to now has been preserved almost intact, facing the north, reaching three-fold the roof of the Southern Standard: high floor, near the river high and nails. Guests enjoy both exhibitions display explanations of Vietnamese tea culture, enjoy a cup of tea has done has changed the application heat ca tai tu “of the plant is” the bank all the famous wine: Welcome guests to the game, there was retrieving lang, excerpted party for silk …

Sometimes the hard smooth green garden river, the boat swept three leaves, a drop of sightseeing. Sometimes we catching pair of three hard garden tourism. Spouse and his sister Mai Quoc Nam Nguyen Thu Ha, capital first gardening, running boats from 9 this year switched to tourism. We make siblings more than a dozen people, gardens are recorded the press know. He is there more room tr? she could stay for about 50 seats tourists … Here, visitors are immersed in the garden space and feel close to nature, with the daily life of western people. Meanwhile, the Ecotourism Vinh Sang Farm in An Binh Island and garden style hard to travel but the surface, rich in tourist types to choose from. Here, visitors can ride ostriches running round with a fare integrity integrity only VND 10,000 per person or scoop ditch to fish the Sapodilla trees, mango trees, dropping crocodile lure … In addition, eco-tourism park Vinh Sang Farm also has services such as grass sliding, river bath – water slide and the breeding of birds, precious species listed in Vietnam Red Book Award for exhibition visitors…

Phu Quoc Island For Vacation

October 3rd, 2016

On the island has two seasons: the rainy season and dry season. Rainy season with southwest monsoon to the rage from 5 months to 10 months. Dry season with the North East monsoon is convenient for travel. General climate in Phu Quoc are quite lenient (with high stability), almost all year-round cool.

Phu Quoc beach is four rich but thanks to the island with forest rivers, streams, and underground water levels lim sweet. Nature has created here in almost full the wild landscape of mountains and forests, except by sea, by the romantic rivers, streams … all the air rights to paint a different picture of marine wear. With features that include, Phu Quoc surely will close to guests in a king of confidence, training the mind to leave.

To Phu Quoc, as tourists return to nature, enjoying the pure land of heaven, feel the poetic beauty of the sea, immersed themselves in a country blue violent blow cool, enjoy special also produce fresh sea life.

Today with the trend of the country, Phu Quoc more going on in all aspects, people’s lives are improved. Together with the interest of the state and local authorities of Phu Quoc will increasingly khang page, beautiful, attractive and book travel, more and more tourists in the future.

Check Out The ‘diviest’ Nightlife In Nyc

October 3rd, 2016

They don’t call it the ‘city that never sleeps’ for nothing. Nightlife in New York accommodates every taste – even the craziest, and the number of options available can actually be overwhelming. From bars for smokers to Burlesque Shows to trendy dive bars, the city has it all.

With a collection of offerings ranging from hip-hop to house to punk, New York is probably the best city to spend the night dancing away. Some of the hottest dance clubs in the city include Cielo, providing soulful house music and various genres of electronic in the Meatpacking District, the club is built for dancing and boasts an impressive sound system, and Touch, a 12,000 square foot, three level high-end design dance venue on 52nd Street.

A growing attraction in New York City, several establishments host travelling Burlesque troupes. These nights filled with music, dance, song and humour are generally not scheduled in advance and it’s always better to check in advance to make sure the event is actually taking place. Venues famous for Burlesque are, Public Assembly at 70 North 6th Street with a 4,000 square foot area which features various events with Burlesque on Monday nights and the Slipper Room, 167 Orchard Street, featuring a variety of performances including Burlesque and sketch comedy.

Enjoy cheaper drinks in shabby surroundings at the dive bars which have become the modern trend. Featuring a kind of shabbiness that is really desirable, especially if the mood calls for it, there are many of this sort in New York. Surviving over 50 years, the Billymark’s West, 9th Avenue, is probably the original dive bar in the city. Try the notoriously anonymous Alibi Club in Brooklyn for dirt cheap drinks or for the ‘diviest’ experience try the Montero’s Bar and Grill in Brooklyn.

Being the jazz capital of the world, New York boasts some of the best jazz venues. Jazz at Lincoln Center, 60th Street, is a world-renowned arts organisation dedicated to Jazz. It features a comprehensive array of guest artists performing at varied events. Originally the hotbed of jazz the Birdland has now re-emerged in Midtown Manhattan with some of the best jazz on the planet, featuring some of the best known in the field. For pitch perfect jazz by world-class performers, in a warm, comfortable atmosphere try the Jazz standard, 27th Street.

In case you are venturing out in New York all by your self, the city is brimming with singles and there are exclusive singles’ hangout joints. The Long Island City Lic Bar is a classis New York watering hole with a friendly atmosphere and allows dogs and smoking. The Last Exit on Atlantic Avenue is a classic example of Brooklyn’s vibrant night scene featuring weekly live performances and an outdoor garden. Some other hot spots for singles include the roof top at the Delancey, The Larry Lawrence, Grand Street, and the gastro-pub style music venue, the White Rabbit.

Late night dining – the excitement, the booze, the energetic dancing is sure to leave you exhausted and hungry. For a late bite try the Coffee Shop, 16th Street, for a range of diner food and fine Brazilian, stuffed delicatessen sandwiches at the Carnegie Deli, 55th Street, or Tom’s Restaurant for a range of dinner specials in a friendly atmosphere.

All About Ferry Boats

October 3rd, 2016

A ferry boat is a form of transportation (typically a boat, but others are ships) which is used to mainly carry passengers, sometimes vehicles and cargo as well, across a body of water.

Ships that can travel for much longer and larger distances over bodies of water, especially when carrying vehicles, may also be referred to as a ferry service.


There are several, different kinds of ferries. Their design depends on the length of their route, capacity, capability, speed requirements and the water conditions that they must deal with.

1. Hydrofoil – Hydrofoil ferries are passenger-only and have higher cruising speeds.

2. Double-ended – Double ended ferry boats have interchangeable bows and sterns, which allow them to travel back and forth between terminals without having to turn around.

3. Hovercraft – Hovercrafts were developed in the early 60s and 70s to transport vehicles. The largest hovercraft that ever existed was the massive SR.N4 which had the capability of carrying 418 passengers and 60 cars.

4. Catamaran – Catamarans are usually associated with high-speed ferry service. The largest catamarans in the world, the Stena HSS class, are operated by Stena Line. They can accommodate an impressive total of 1,500 passengers and 375 vehicles between their routes of the United Kingdom and Ireland.

5. Ro-Ro – RORO stands for roll-on/roll-off, named for the luxury by which vehicles can just roll on, and then roll off. These kinds of ferries are large and conventional.

6. Cruiseferry – This is a ship that combines the features of a cruise ship with a RoRo.

7. Fast RoPax ferry – These kinds are ferries with a relatively large passenger capacity and garage intake, with conventional diesel propulsion and propellers that can sail over 25 knots (46 km/h; 29 mph).

8. Turntable ferry – This type allows vehicles to embark from the “side”, because the vehicle platform can be turned. When loading, the platform is turned sideways to allow sideway loading of cars. Before leaving its’ dock, the platform must then be turned back in line with the vessel.

9. Pontoon ferry – Pontoon ferries carry cars in less-developed countries with large rivers, but not enough money allowable for bridge construction.

10. Cable ferries – This kind can also be referred to as a chain ferry, which is usually associated with a pontoon ferry, where its’ means of moving is only by being propelled along and steered by cables that are connected to each shore. Cable ferries could also sometimes be human powered by a crew on the boat. A reaction ferry is a kind of cable ferry that uses the perpendicular force of the water’s current as its’ source of power.

11. Foot ferries – This is a kind of cable ferry used to transport passengers and often cyclists across the river. They are only small in size.


Ferry boats often dock at facilities specially designed to position the boat for loading and unloading, called a ferry slip. If a boat carries vehicles or railway carriages, an adjustable ramp called an apron is usually used, and it could also be part of the slip, or it could be attached to the boat itself.